Studio Practice > Between A Rock and A Hard Place (2014)

Process #1

I came from a deep place within the ground.

I was once made of fire.

The heat I carry inside has endured everything.

From a deep opening, came a bright, red, tormented stream.
As all my insides tumbled onto the surface, I saw myself clearly.
This internal eruption came with consequences.

Inside me, you will find a burning glow.
Others will try to tell you who I am.
In and out, I am wholly myself.

I change when the pressure around me shifts.
Yet while pressure may ease, my heat remains the same.

I change in extreme, unexpected ways.
This is when my relationships are tested, in the moments when my heat is compromised.

I change when in contact with others who challenge my heat.
Through touch, we affect one another.
I find myself questioning who I really am.

When this fire overwhelms me, it can harden my identity.
I become frozen in my shape.
I become one of many.
I become a part of a shell.

I become solid in a rather natural way.
In a way, it feels like my destiny.
At the height of heat, all that is inside me will harden.

I harden when I meet my environment.
The impact often leaving me exposed.

I harden when I face others.
Unable to know myself, I push my way into their cement.

This fire is my internal strength, what fuels my survival.

I was formed when my fire gained shape.
Yet I wonder about the heat I carry within.
I wonder if it will break free.