Studio Practice > Between A Rock and A Hard Place (2014)

Process #2

I am made of fragments.
I break, over and over again.
I am in pieces because of your enduring efforts.

I have come to be through a process of falling apart.
I have been transformed through every transgression.

No one can prevent my inevitable fate.

I break when we touch.

This happened because my exterior crumbled.
Leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

This happened because I yearned for you.
The control you held forced me to collapse.

This happened because I was not preserved.
The damage I hold was too much to bear.

This happened because of histories of violence.
It tore our bottomless wounds wide open.

This happened because I became ill.
All my protective instincts fell apart, leaving me empty.

This happened because we are complex beings.
Together we buried each other.
Through our combined efforts, leaving ruins.

I break when we change.

This happened because we lost ourselves.
Immersed in each other, we dissolved.

This happened because our identities shifted.
We yearned to be something else.

This happened because we slowly started to fester.
We unconsciously began to decay.

This happened because our desires overwhelmed us.
In searching for fullness, we had to fall.

This didn’t happen all at once.
We never expected to fall this soon.

Our touch changed through time.
Still tender, while yearning for more.

You can find me at the surface.
At the forefront of our layers.

I am here because we bonded.
Through every hard process, we formed shape.

I am here because our exteriors opened.
Together, forming new ways of being.

I am here because our hunger pulled us in.
We chose to live, dragging death behind.

I am here because we are abundant.
We hold so much more than we can ever know.

At the top I can see all our layers.
I can see our connection in full.
I can see our demise.
I can see our triumph.