Studio Practice > Between A Rock and A Hard Place (2014)

Process #3

I became, from what once was certain.
I find myself transformed.

This change is not heated.

This change is not made of forgotten fragments and deserted touch.

This change is not made of the same foundations.

This change was deliberate.
This change was internal and external.
This change is solitary and collective.

I now hold a safe cover.

It holds many parts of me.

It shows the many paths I’ve taken.
It can shed when I need it to.

It took shape when I was uneven.
It took shape when my light met my darkness.

This sheet is sometimes absent.

There are times when it feels like it never existed.
I feel light, no pressure.
I feel a spark growing evenly.

I transformed under various conditions.

My transformation was vast.
Through many factors and settings.

I transformed because of heated interventions.

I transformed because of our deeply buried memories.

I transformed because our mistakes felt too heavy to ignore.

I transformed because our mistakes collide with our desires.

I transformed because we become everything, leaving nothing for us.

I transformed because we were boiling yet lying still.

I transformed because our collision left me shaken.

I am changing even now, as I lay here in pain.
I’m changing because of you and the love we left
to gain.